The company “Djofra-M” was founded in 2012 and within a few months managed to develop and consolidate its production process, becoming one of the largest producers and exporters of fiberglass mesh in the Republic of Moldova.

Constant investments in the most advanced technologies and equipment allow Djofra-M to provide a full production cycle at its own facilities: from warping and weaving to packaging of a finished branded product. The production capacity is over 30,000,000 m2 of certified fiberglass products per year.

The production process uses raw materials from the world’s best manufacturers. Quality control at all stages of production allows “Djofra-M” to produce products of consistently high quality. Our products are certified by the European laboratory for ETA standards, meet the European requirements ETAG 004. At the time of production, the company “Djofra-M” provides all the necessary documents and certificates, including EURO 1.

The pride of the company is its highly qualified personnel, modern equipment and applied technologies that allow us to produce goods without harming the environment.
We offer such products as: fiberglass nets, self-adhesive fiberglass tapes (serpyanka), plastering corners made of PVC and aluminum, mats, cardboard tubes, construction tapes, composite materials. Our products are widely used in the construction industry and have enjoyed great popularity among customers for many years. The quality of our products allows “Djofra-M” to be a recognizable and desirable brand for Clients.

A facility for our partners and an additional point of trust in favor of “Djofra-M” is the physical location of all subdivisions of the organization on the territory of the Free Economic Zone “Expo-Business-Chisinau”. This presupposes the existence of the customs post on the territory of the entrepreneurial area, which ensures the transparency of all operations related to the material flow of the resident economic agents, the organization of the customs control and the operative improvement of the import / export documents.

Our mission

The mission of “Djofra-M” is to be the best manufacturer of fiberglass mesh in Moldova, and our products are to be competitive and gain a foothold in the European market. We strive to meet the needs of our customers to enable them to grow and compete healthy. In everything we do, we are guided by the following principles: decency, honesty and safety.

Our advantages

The production, warehouse and office of the company are located on the territory of the Expo-Business-Chisinau Free Enterprise Zone. This is a significant factor in the formation of competitive prices for products and the profitability of the enterprise. This is guaranteed comfortable and fast unloading and loading of goods, documenting at the customs post located in the Zone as soon as possible.

qualified staff